Lok Ng
Graphic designer / calligrapher/ typographer

Born in Guangzhou China in 1985. Represents AWT(artsworthing) design Inc.

My designs mostly consist of a mixture of traditional Chinese Art and Japanese Art with some influences from the western design trend too.
Graduated from Guangzhou City Polytechnic in 2005. 2006 I worked in a Web Design company as a Graphic Designer. 2007 March I worked as an Art Director for year. 2008 October founded awt design inc.

Specialized in Visual Identity, Poster, Typography, Installation etc. Elected to Adobe China in 2009, included in the Chinese Designers Yearbook 2010. published in Japanese magazine eyescream in 2012, artworks in the same year was selected by Tokyo Type Directions Club type design Japan. featured in United States well known design magazine Digital Arts, BRAND Magazine, COSMOPOLITAN, CreativeBloq (England) in 2013. in 2014, featured in Design360 magazine, Viction:ary (Hong Kong), interview etc.

Clients include: ADOBE, Giordano, EDGE (Shanghai), MTV, TIGER BEER, China Visual, ONELINK WALK, Coca-Cola, BABY SHOW, WESTIN, SOFITEL, Yasumasa Yonehara (Japan), F.I.R, VaNess Wu, Takeru(SuG) (Japan).

Graphic, Typography, Logo, Print / Package, Icon
Guangdong, China